About Us

Over the past decade our company has evolved to become a well-respected solutions provider for the country's leading wireless service providers. We've been able to accomplish this through our dedication to our company mission, vision and values.

The Team

Scott McIntosh
Dawn McIntosh

  • Our Mission is Simple ...

    To develop RAVING fans by providing outstanding services and solutions for our clients. Going "above and beyond" is standard practice because "great" is just not good enough.

    Wonder"Our success is a direct result of the choices we make as a team each and every day. Over the past decade we have built a company that has been fortunate in being able to truly do what we want, when we want, with whom we want, as much as we want. Because of this we thrive on the challenge to master our craft - which never stops. We are always looking for the next level."

    - Scott & Dawn McIntosh

  • Our vision is to be the most highly valued company by:

    The clients we serve.
    Our core purpose is to create value for our clients to earn their respect and loyalty. Our clients are of paramount importance and we believe they should be held in the highest regard.

    Our loyal and committed staff.
    We know that if we look after our staff, they will look after our clients. Work can be a large part of our lives so our people deserve an employer who cares. We believe that we should "treat people like we like to be treated".

  • Our Core Values Speak to who we are as a company

    Integrity: We act ethically and work in the public interest, treating people fairly and honestly; we encourage the same from others.

    Accountability: We accept individual and corporate responsibility for our actions, working together to deliver exceptional service and support and promote the best interests of our stakeholders.

    Teamwork: We embrace the power of working together to develop the best solutions, as an organization and with the cooperation with our clients. Effective teamwork requires strong relationships, respect and courtesy.

    Innovation: We create new and unexpected possibilities, through the implementation of innovative solutions for our growing company, for our clients, and for the evolving market.

    Excellence: We not only deliver what we promise, we add value beyond what is expected. We achieve excellence through continued learning, adaptability and innovation.

Our Services

With over 20 years of specialized experience in wireless telecommunications, fibre optics and cable networks, MTEL was the next evolution in our business. As the face of the market experienced rapid growth and change, unique challenges resulted in unique opportunities.
MTEL quickly earned the respect of Canada's leading wireless service providers after successfully completing the placement of 20 kilometers of fibre optics stretching over 600 cell tower sites. Our experience in combination with the acquisition of Telecommunications Implementation Services Inc. positioned us as an industry leader in rooftop infrastructure builds fibre optics, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and composite and steel pole structures.

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Composite Structures

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Rooftop Installations

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Distributed Antenna Systems

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