Composite Pole Technology

To overcome industry challenges and provide more cost effective alternatives to traditional steel structures, we have developed our innovative Composite Pole Structures.

These structures were designed to address the primary concerns of wireless service providers:

  • A quality product that would last and withstand extreme conditions
  • A quick installation time (and quality control)
  • An economical solution (return on investment)
  • A product that is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing

  • Features of our Composite Pole Structures that provide these benefits include:

    • Adaptable to any cellular configurations

    • Installed in one (1) day

    • Direct buried solution

    • Superior strength

    • Small footprint

    • Available up to 30 meters

    • Aesthetically pleasing (slimline design, customized colours)

    • LESS THAN 50% OF THE COST of traditional steel structures

    Our Composite Pole Solution includes customer designed manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance and care.
    All MTEL solutions are managed and controlled under one roof.

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