Emerging technologies continually drive the need for improved quality and quantity of wireless signals required by the growing dependence on mobile communications. In a very competitive market, wireless service providers are driven to expand network coverage and capacity to improve cellular quality and maintain their marketshare. At MTEL, we provide comprehensive solutions dedicated to the growing needs of wireless service providers. Our highly skilled team of project managers, engineers and technicians coordinate, construct and maintain the structures we install for our clients. We specialize in the following comprehensive solutions:

Small Cell Solutions
Composite Structures
Rooftop Installations
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
Stealth Installations

With over a decade of experience, we have grown and evolved to meet the challenging needs of our clients. Our company is one of the few equipped to provide an all-encompassing solution. With our in-house construction capabilities, highly skilled technicians and specialized trade workers, we effectively manage all components of a project with the highest level of quality and efficiency.

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Small Cell Solutions

Innovation at Work

MTEL unveils small cell in a unique combination using their “Integrated Pole & Cabinet Solution.”

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Small Cell Solutions

Consolidating the Pole- Antenna, Shroud- Radios – Fiber – AC / DC – TX Combining – Switching and Accessories all in an above grade single solution. MTEL’s main intention with their engineered solutions is to increase your network capacity and speed, while allowing for economical and rapid installations.

Features of our Small Cell Solutions:

  • Easily customized to meet any carrier’s requirements - single, dual or multi carrier

  • Merging technologies as streetlight replacement, parking light replacement, charging stations, bus stop or independent

  • Designed with the purpose of eliminating municipal headaches

  • Remove the road blocks when deploying small cell, small macro and macro cell infrastructures

Our Small Cell Solutions provide any carrier the ability to harmonize into urban environments.
All MTEL solutions are managed and controlled under one roof.

Composite Structures

Innovation at Work

To overcome industry challenges and provide more cost effective alternatives to traditional steel structures, we have developed our innovative Composite Pole Structures.

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Composite Pole Structures

These structures were designed to address the primary concerns of wireless service providers:

  • A quality product that would last and withstand extreme conditions
  • A quick installation time (and quality control)
  • An economical solution (return on investment)
  • A product that is easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing
  • Features of our Composite Pole Structures that provide these benefits include:

    • Adaptable to any cellular configurations

    • Installed in one (1) day

    • Direct buried solution

    • Superior strength

    • Small footprint

    • Available up to 30 meters

    • Aesthetically pleasing (slimline design, customized colours)

    • LESS THAN 50% OF THE COST of traditional steel structures

    Our Composite Pole Solution includes customer designed manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance and care.

    Rooftop Installations

    rooftop installations

    In densely populated areas, the installation of traditional structures poses two key challenges.

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    Rooftop Installations

    In densely populated areas, the installation of traditional structures poses two key challenges. First, high traffic areas generally don't have sufficient unoccupied land to build on. Secondly, zoning laws restrict the number of traditional signal towers that can be built in a given area.
    Our team is an extension of the wireless service provider that has partnered with a rooftop location. These projects require more than a high quality installation. It requires focused attention on the experience of the representatives of the rooftop location. Communication and customer care is paramount to our business.

    Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

    distributed antenna systems

    A distributed antenna system (DAS) is used to effectively expand a wireless network by adding coverage and capacity in hard to reach areas, resulting in improved cellular quality. They are the solution of choice when addressing unique coverage challenges.

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    Distributed Antenna System - DAS

    DAS solutions have been the foundation of our business because of the quality and commitment dedicated to the process, which includes:

    • Analysis of existing service

    • System design to meet the wireless needs

    • System procurement

    • Installation and integration

    • System maintenance and care

    Stealth Installations

    stealth installations

    Due to the inherent challenges with the installation of wireless towers or concealed transmission sites (limited location sites and a lengthy zoning approval process), MTEL has developed innovative stealth solutions to provide clients with alternative solutions.

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    Stealth Installations

    Examples of stealth solutions include:

  • Trees
  • Fiberglass shrouding
  • Antenna wrapping (to match brick)
  • Fabric shrouding